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Chris Cummins came to Pibworth through a referral.  He was working for a very well established speaking company and was doing an excellent job.  His exact words to us were, “I’m tired of making money for others, it is time to make it for myself – build me a company”.  So we did!  The entire brand from brief to copy writing on the site, to design of business cards, stationery, postcards and bookmarks, Pibworth played a role. Just recently, Chris called me from the stage of a VERY large entertainment company and with a voice like a child at Christmas said “do you know where I am right now – and do you know what they are paying me to be here??”  Of course I can’t actually divulge the exact details, but you get the ‘gist’.  More bookings + Better bookings = more money. Chris is a shining example of what a speaker with talent, the desire to succeed – and the willingness to give everything he has to his business, can accomplish.



Barb was a referred client and came to Pibworth with only a single project in mind – the website of her dreams.  She had built a WordPress site using a template, and found it just would not give her the functionality she wanted to make the site work for her.  The key moneymaking and list building elements had limitations she could not live with.  Pibworth was able to help her articulate her vision, bring it to life – and made additional suggestions to make the site so much more than an “online brochure”.

As often happens with our clients, once Barb “experienced the Pibworth difference” she became a fan and continues to keep us close.


After completing the process of rebranding my company, it became apparent that I needed a new website to match the new identity. In my mind’s eye I pictured what I wanted yet had no idea how to make it a reality. That’s where Pibworth Professional Solutions came to the rescue.  Lauren and her team proficiently executed exactly what I had in mind plus went the extra step in making my website actually come alive as part of my business identity.

Once this project was completed, Lauren and her team became part of my “staff.”  Although, after getting to know one another so well, they became my friends too.

Outsourcing detailed work that I either cannot do or don’t have time to do is a huge time-saver.  The expertise, creativity and support that Pibworth offers are superb. With their assistance, I have now focused on growing my business into the success I envision as well as work together to develop my speaking career, which will be a key element in my marketing strategy.  More bookings – more money!

I am so pleased with the results that Pibworth provides, and I highly recommend them to help you and your company look and be your best!  

Barbara B. Appelbaum, Wellness Coach, Consultant, Author and Speaker

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