It’s YOUR Stage


  • Has it been 3 years or more since you updated your speaker website?

  • Do you find yourself making excuses when someone looks at your website or one sheet?

  • Not sure what to say or exactly what will convert meeting planners and decision makers to say ‘yes’?

  • Have you had a site built by a designer that looks great – but gets you no traction with your speaking?

  • Have you tried to work with someone to put your website together but felt overwhelmed and frustrated by the process?

Do you wish it was EASIER to create a stunning speaker website
to attract more gigs?

laurenI get it!  I have been marketing speakers for 10 years now, and I know what it takes to attract a meeting planner or decision maker’s attention, and get them to dig deeper into your site.  I also know how frustrating it can be for clients like you who feel they are ready for a new site, but don’t realize until too late that the designer doesn’t understand what is necessary for a speaker’s website – and you’re stuck with a website that’s pretty, but doesn’t’ t work for you.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone who specialized in speaker websites could reach into your mind and pull out all the bits they need, organize them and put your greatness on display in a way that attracts meeting planners and decision makers and simply allow you to focus on what you do best? 

Of course it would, but it is not quite that easy.  What if instead, you had a speaker specialist work on one piece at a time with you, and combined your genius with their knowledge and experience?  What if, in 5 hours we could get you to a point where all the elements you need to create your site were right there, and all you needed to do was hand them over?  What if within a few weeks of handing over the elements – you have a stunning speaker website that showcases your originality and your professionalism, attracts your ideal clients, and makes them say ‘yes’ to your talks and programs.  

Sound like a plan?  

Are you ready and committed to taking your speaker website to the next level?

Then it is time to elevate your website to get more gigs with the It’s YOUR Stage Workshop

Here’s how it works:

  • 5 webinars/group coaching calls to help you plan your site right from the start, and to 'get your stuff together'
  • An intimate group of 8 people maximum
  • A two day in-person event where we will review and fine tune the plan, create and film your sizzle reel, get your head shots done.  At the end of the workshop you will have everything you could possibly need.
  • An on-the-spot mock up of your site on you can see and approve it before we even start coding
  • Delivery of a beautiful, high impact speaker website within 6 weeks that will finally attract the right clients and get gigs like never before.

Each webinar consists of high value content and a live Q&A, followed by a week to implement your learning and work on that one specific element.  No room for ‘squirrel syndrome’ here – we will keep you focused and on task so there is no more wasted time and money.

Week 1: Clarity

As I have said in in every radio and television interview, if you do not fully understand who you are talking to, what problems you solve, and who will PAY you to solve those problems: STOP MARKETING!  Seriously, stop.  You are wasting your money.  Meeting planners are busy folks, and if your message does not immediately shout that you understand their needs and are the answer to their issues they are on to the next speaker on the list.

In the Clarity webinar, we focus in on your brand promise and help you articulate your value in any situation, but especially on your website.   We create a mini brand brief for your site that highlights your ‘magic words and phrases', your image, the tone you should keep in your copy – all of it.  This is the starting point for everything you build from now on.

Week 2: Communication

What do you want your website to do?  Of course you want it to get you gigs, but is that really the starting point for someone new to your site?  Do you jump into a commitment with someone you just met?  Of course not, so let’s not expect a meeting planner to do that either.  We will look at website function, your sales funnel and how your business ultimately flows.  Each page on your site has a call to action, something that invites the visitor to ‘do something else’ and engage with you in one form or another.  Why not plan that path out so the flow is effortless?

Week 3: Components

The average speaker site has a home page, an about page, a meeting planner page, topics, videos, blog or vlog; you know, the basics. But what else does your business require? What additional elements could promote your brand or products, even future ones? Have you considered selling products online, a new list builder, additional video?

By thinking longer term, you can be sure your site is ready for all of these additional items and you can gather everything you need to make sure you get exactly what you need from your new website.

Week 4: Copy

Oh writing web copy! It can be so very painful, but it does not have to be. In this session we will talk about what makes copy ‘good’ or ‘not so good’. The wonderful part is, in week one we gained clarity and created a mini brand brief. This is what you will use when writing your copy. You will already know exactly what issues your ideal clients are struggling with, how you solve them, and how they will feel after the issues are solved. That makes writing copy SO much easier.

And if you do struggle, we will be going through all of your copy at the live event. You can be sure if writing is not your strength, it is ours and you have the option to have us write the copy for you.

Week 5: Compilation

Ok, we have it all planned out, it is time to gather everything in one place so you can confirm there is nothing that you want your site to do / be that you have not planned out. We discuss logos, photos, graphics copy, plugins, photo, video – all of it. I will walk you through the checklist, talk about where the elements will live and how to organize them so your project manager and designer can work more efficiently, keep your costs down and ensure that you get everything you desire.

And the Big Event: Collaboration

This is what sets the Pibworth website process apart, the “It’s Your Stage Website Workshop”.  Here you get to shine and you get stuff done!

How long has it been since you had a team of experts at your beck and call for your business?  Well that is exactly what this event offers.

  • Want some laser hot-seat coaching on your talk?
  • Need a new sizzle reel video shot and edited?  We have you covered!
  • Are your headshots a bit old?  Not an issue.
  • Wish you had your own marketing department?  Well – for these 2 days you do because we also have designers, coders and copywriters on site – as well as a master speaker marketing and brand strategist.

That’s right – the whole Pibworth team is right there in the room with you.

Because you will be sharing some of ‘your best stuff’ on stage you will also receive feedback on delivery, content and the overall brand message you are sending when you present.  There is no better way to get yourself, and those of us guiding you, to truly ‘feel’ your brand and your message.

After we have heard you speak, we meet together to go through all of your design elements, mock up your WordPress site and choose the basic layout.  We go through your copy and make suggestions to help it stand out.  You also meet your personal project manager who will be with you every step of the way as your site is built.

No excuses!    Let’s get this done as painlessly as possible.

And as an extra bonus, we will also talk about ideas and suggestion on actually USING your website to get booked; social media tactics, planning out your marketing, lead generation and the newest trends in the speaking business.

It is quite simple – this is THE event for Speakers who want to reach the next stage in their marketing evolution and DO more with their business. There are lots of website companies out there who will build a site for you, but this is the only “all in one” solution that delivers a speaker website that converts within SIX weeks.

Lauren and the Pibworth team are committed to your success.  We work with speakers because they change the world and we want to be a part of that change.

It’s Your Stage Website Workshop includes

  • A web strategy that gets speakers noticed
  • Development of your speaker sales funnel
  • Unique understanding of how meeting planners think and work
  • A fully edited sizzle reel
  • Professional photography
  • A custom theme for your website
  • And most of all - a pain free, fully developed site ready in just six weeks!!

All this for just $3497

At the end of this two-day intensive you have your new website in the works and it will be delivered within 6 weeks PLUS you have strategies on how to use your new website to step into a new phase in your speaking career.

 It’s YOUR Stage.  Step up and market your greatness.
Elevate your website to get more gigs

Working with Lauren and her team was a pure delight. I absolutely love my website. There are tons of ‘web’ people out there but none of them specialize in speakers. There is no point in having a website if it only looks pretty but doesn’t convert into gigs which is why I chose Pibworth. Lauren truly understands what it takes to pull out compelling messaging that stands out and shape that message into a website structure that keeps meeting planners engaged and wanting to learn more. If you are a speaker who wants to grace more stages, Pibworth is your ONLY choice

Cindy Ashton, award winning speaker, presentation skills trainer and national TV host of “Cindy Uncorked”

Lauren is a service-first professional, respecting the unique needs, vision and ideas of her clients. There is never a bad idea, only an opportunity to better understand what the client wants and what the web design, products and extensions could enable this it happen. Lauren is patient, methodical and surrounds herself with a great team. Their team approach enables her to pull on the right expert to ensure the work is progressing professionally and with the client's vision and functional needs in mind. I always felt in good hands with Lauren and Pibworth.

Sarah McVanel
Speaker, Greatness Magnified

Pibworth Professional Solutions has been a vital asset to my company and a key component to our accelerated growth.  Lauren Pibworth and team have, and continue to, guide us in improvements for our website, promotion strategies and increasing operation efficiency.  Their support is quick, reliable and always professional with easy guidance during troubleshooting.  Canine Foundations is proud to recommend their services to anyone who wishes to succeed in business.

Julie Ott, owner and head trainer, Canine Foundations

I have worked with Lauren and her team to create multiple websites and sales pages.  This is not my strength so working with a team that knows what I need is very reassuring. I really appreciate the marketing strategy and implementation expertise that goes into my site.  My sites are not just beautiful, they function perfectly too.

Lotte Struwing, Lasting Solutions

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