Team Pibworth

team pibworth video thumbnailWe understand you need a great many different things accomplished and managed in order to ensure your business grows and maintains your brand promise, but, you are too busy to manage multiple contractors. That is where Team Pibworth shines.

One of the keys to Pibworth’s success is the diversity and professionalism of our team. Our Account Managers work one on one with clients, and coordinate a large team of web designers, graphic artists, copywriters, internet marketing and event specialists, social media and SEO gurus and more – but you only need have one point of contact, your Account Manager. It is their job to source the best team member to ensure your request is completed on time and on budget. You do not ever need to ‘chase down a task’ because your Account Manger will be communicating our progress to you, keeping you up to date AND listening to your spoken and unspoken needs.

Our Account Mangers become a partner in your business success. They have an active role in it, and they feel like they take partial ownership of your successes and challenges. Their number one mandate is to add value to our clients at every opportunity. We can’t do that without learning to actively listen to your spoken – and unspoken needs.

There are very few tasks that Pibworth cannot accommodate, but it is good to remember that if we don’t have someone available to complete it, we have a huge network of professionals we can reach out to. If we don’t have it – we’ll get it. It really IS that simple.

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