How we work

What to expect if you want to partner with Pibworth to grow your business

We have an effective system we use to ensure our company is the best fit for your needs. You will be required to answer some questions about your business. We also will get you to read about us so that the general information will be answered. Then when we get to your consultation call we can be laser-focused on your needs.   We recommend you take a few minutes to review the faq page before contacting us as well

From here, what happens depends on you, where you are in your business and what we have determined our relationship will look like.   That said, we tend to think of our clients in two general stages, Creation and Maintenance.

Strategy / Creation – Clients in this arena are in need of branding or rebranding, marketing plan development, web site design, product launches and other business building assistance. They are still building the products and marketing systems in their business.  Because these clients have shifting needs, they most often choose to work with us on a monthly package basis where they buy a bulk number of hours and we work together to determine their needs and prioritize them according to their budget.  Although we are flexible, packages for these clients start at $855 per month. Strategy sessions with Lauren Pibworth are in addition to the packages and are billed at $150 per hour.

Maintenance - Maintenance clients are well established business owners who have an existing marketing plan that is working fairly well, and just need us to take over the daily/weekly tasks associated with keeping it running, and of course, offering suggestions to make it better. For these clients we usually develop custom packages based on the task lists.

Clients often switch between Maintenance and Strategy / Creation as their business needs shift.

Initial client intakes are currently performed by Lauren Pibworth to ensure your needs and expectations are in line with what we can deliver. Intake calls are 30 minutes in length.    After you decide to work with Pibworth,  Lauren usually fleshes out your strategy and creates your project implementation plan outline, then you will be assigned an Account Manager and you will work together to flesh out the further details, project scope and timelines.  Your personal Account Manager manages the team’s efforts to accomplish your goals and maintains contact with you, keeping you abreast of our progress.  Monthly Package clients will also receive a Client Status Report, outlining what we have accomplished, what we are currently working on, and future projects.

At any time you will have access to Lauren Pibworth in addition to your Account Manger.

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