"Working with Lauren and her Team is like being enveloped in a warm hug of knowledge and support"

Janet Rouss

About Lauren

There is a reason I became a Brand Strategist and Marketing Consultant for Speakers. I love working with speakers.

  • You are passionate.
  • You need to spread your message.
  • You have the ability to change the world with what you do.

I know how it feels to have that story – that message – bubbling up from your soul and screaming to get out. But no one is listening... That is how I spent the first three decades of my life, bottled up with all my ambitions, passions and desires stifled. Now that I am free to share my authentic self, I am compelled to help others do it to.

My vision is to help 1000 business focused speakers reach the RIGHT audiences, to be seen and heard, and share their messages with the people that need them most.

You see - we are all here to change the world, let's do it together.

About pibworth

now the technical stuff
President, Lauren Pibworth founded Pibworth Professional Solutions in 2007, and has used her skills and experience in the advertising industry and in the corporate world to build a brand that has helped her fast track this company into one of the most successful and fastest growing virtual marketing agencies in North America.“My work experience is varied, and it has served me well,” says Lauren. “I combined 8 years of successful small business management in the Wine and Retail industries with more than 10 years in the Advertising and Financial industries and brought that experience into my own business."
"I understand my clients.” A speaker, emcee, trainer, author and marketing consultant herself, Lauren has "walked the walk” of her clients and brings into Pibworth, that intimate understanding of their needs, their passions and struggles.  By creating a company that specializes in leveraging marketing prowess to help clients reach their potential in business, while retaining time in their schedules to devote to creativity and their personal lives, Lauren has proven she has what it takes to head a company built on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat client business. “In short – we help our clients make more, while working less.”Pibworth prides itself on working only with those clients who truly see the value of our services and are considered to be in (or have the capacity to reach) the top echelon of their respective fields.caps_logo_colour_canadian_speakers

In addition to running Pibworth, Lauren also is the Marketing Chair for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Toronto Chapter, and a Social Media coordinator for the National chapter of CAPS.  She is also the former emcee and founder of MoMondays™ Barrie.

In a world lacking in commitment and follow through, these simple words guide Lauren whether in business, in family life, or in the delivery of her brand promise.  She lives by the words "Do what you say you are going to do!"

On a personal note, Lauren is an amateur sommelier (and if you have seen her wine reviews in the newsletter you know it is still a huge passion).  She also enjoys cooking, entertaining and scuba diving.  Her favourite dive spot to date is Belize where she and husband Mike were on the 'hunt' to catch a glimpse of a whale shark, but instead had an amazing encounter with a 6 foot bull shark.

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